About the Project

Agriculture. It’s why the world looks like it does today, and not as it did 10,000 years ago. Some of the change has been for the better, others, maybe for the worst. And who knows what the world will look like 10,000 years from now. Of one thing we can be certain: today’s agriculture will play a role in shaping it.

Long Shadows is a multimedia project that looks at the legacy of agriculture: past, present, future. It’s based on the theory that food production is the key to understanding how human’s relate to the natural world. Because, what is agriculture, besides asking nature to be on our side.

Our editorial approach is to not just helicopter in on a story, reporting and then leaving. Instead, we commit to a exploring a topic exhaustively, over time. With multiple people reporting on the same topic, in a variety of creative mediums (word, image, sound), we aspire to bring a story to live in all of its complexities. To cast it in a long shadow, if you will.

And through our “dissenting opinions” feature, every story will have a balanced treatment that can make you, the viewer, feel like you understand the lay of the land. Call it agreeing to disagree, compromise, or just good old fashioned debate, we believe that a story should foster a healthy dialogue, rooted in respect.


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